Being the daughter of a Man who's collected rubbish all his life and been passionate about reducing and reusing, Eco Babes seemed like such a natural next step for us. 


From entering sort centres, and the smell of rubbish trucks being semi nostalgic, being aware of our refuse situation in New Zealand has been gained through personal experience as well as a wealth of knowledge from my Dad, nearly 40 years would do that though!


I married my forever love at the age of 19 and we had our first babe 3 years later, now in 2020 we've since added another wee poppet to our little family. Our girls were a huge step in our sustainable journey especially around these precious blessings, in May 2019 Eco Babes was born. Here at Eco Babes we pride ourselves on the quality, durability and sustainability of the products we have chosen for you, as well as supporting other small New Zealand Businesses.​ 

So come on and join us and become an Eco Babe!

Sarah x  

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