Bento Ninja - Rectangle Sock Hanger 36pc

Bento Ninja - Rectangle Sock Hanger 36pc

Bento Ninja - Stainless Steel Sock hanger 36 Pegs in the rectangular shape. 


With the ability to hold 36 items of clothing, whether thats your socks, nappy inserts, nappy covers or small items. The perfect solution to those rainy winter days when you still need to get things dry. Made with 201 Stainless Steel. 40cm x 30cm, maximum weight bear 2kg

This sock hanger is designed to be kept indoors when not in use. Please try to avoid getting it wet or leaving it in high humidity. Wipe dry if it gets wet. 
Bento Ninja is not responsible for the damage from impact, general use, and rust when it’s kept outside or under the porch, you live close to the oceans or high sulphur regions etc.. 


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