Brooksies - Baby Wipes 5 pack

Brooksies - Baby Wipes 5 pack

Brooksies - Baby Wipes 5 pack


These 5 pack of wipes come in a variety of designs perfect for starting your cloth wipes collection! Handy to have readily availabe to use on your babe wether thats after a meal time, or messy play you will be reaching for these, and with the assortment of patterns who knows what baby wipe your child will love most! 


Made of 100% Cotton Flannelette, with an overlocked edge. This is an excellent fabric as it is gentle on your baby’s skin. It also becomes softer with each wash.


  • Environmentally friendly- The fact that they are reusable means that you are not adding more rubbish to any landfills.


  • Cost effective- You save so much money because you don’t have to keep buying wipes over and over again. You buy them once and then simply throw them in the washing machine once they’ve been used.


  • Gentle- You know exactly what is going on your babe’s skin. You can simply add water, or you can get creative and add some essential oils.


  • Versatile- these are amazingly multipurpose. You can use them for diaper changes. You can use them in the bath, or to clean mucky little fingers and faces after a meal time.



20cm x 20cm (approx)