Brooksies - Change Mat Cactus

Brooksies - Change Mat Cactus

Brooksies - Change Mat Cactus


Brooksies change mats are time saving and practical for parents and grandparents. They are portable, making it practical for home, out, nappy changes in the car and perfect for when you can’t find a change table or one isn’t available.


This baby change mat is made with quality stylish 100% cotton fabric. 
This baby changing mat is lined with a layer of 100% cotton terry cloth, making it comfortable as it provides a padded barrier from cold surfaces as well as absorbant.

Simply lay the mat pattern // colour side down, lay baby on the soft flanelette side. Wipe down any spills or mess that gets away, then fold or roll and pop into change bag, nappy wallet, car or pram.

Machine wash on cold and hang in the sun to dry. Alternatively, can be tumble dried on cool setting. 



Back: 100% Cotton (print // colour)

Inner: 100% Cotton Terry Cloth

Front: 100% Cotton Flannelette


These beatifully made Change Mats are an essential to any baby bag. The generous size is a must in a change mat, for taking them out and about to giving your child a kick around on a safe space on the floor. These gorgeous wee items are lovingly hand made and you won't go far without a compliment on one.


Size : 50cm x 80cm approx