Brooksies - Wet Bag Cactus

Brooksies - Wet Bag Cactus

Brooksies - Wet Bag Cactus


These gorgeous Wet Bags are made up of two layers. The outer layer is either a Linen/Cotton blend (45%/55%) as shown by the floral prints in the second picture, or 100% Cotton as shown by the prints in the third picture. The inner waterproof layer is PUL. 


Wet Bags are great for anything from wet swimwear and towels when going to the beach, to a bunch of dirty cloth diapers. The uses are endless and are a must-have in any household.


They have been designed to keep most odours inside the bag to help keep things fresh. They are great for keeping moisture in and providing a controlled environment for your soiled cloth nappies between washes.


They are perfect for daily outings. Wet Bags have a great many uses including storing wet/dirty items such as swimwear, diapers, or shoes between washes. They also make for great gym bags and are a handy place to store any cosmetics when traveling.


Medium - 25cm x 35cm 


    Color: Cactus